Sugar sits, alone and waiting, in a dark hotel room. She’s been waiting for forty minutes to meet a man, a client. She thinks of clients as friends, and of what she does in this hotel room as simply a meeting. This friend is named Bertrand, and she wonders what he will be like.
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8 responses to “Sugar

  1. YES! You are awesome my friend! Great story!

  2. Thanks for the like and the comment RJ. It’s good to know that at least one person took a look and liked it, makes me feel appreciated.

  3. Adam

    I finally got online today… I loved Sugar! I’m sure as the author it was painful for you to edit out parts of the original but as a lowly reader I didn’t feel like there was anything missing. Great story Matt, keep them coming!

  4. Fantastic job, sir! Well done!

  5. Very good story. It’s hard to really push a story with only a thousand words. I wonder what happened when the maid went into the bathroom!

    • Hey, thank you so much for reading and commenting on my story, I’m glad you liked it. I have just posted another one – slightly longer – and hope to continue posting more as I write more. I hope you’ll take a look and enjoy them.

  6. Oh wow, eerie, creepy, unexpected and brilliant!

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