Clarification on the Purpose of this Blog, and My Goals and Intentions

Weighty title, no? Not very sleek, but it gets the job done.

This post is about illuminating the purpose of my blog, and outlining what I plan to achieve with it what the title says!

The Purpose:

To begin with, what is this blog about? Well, it’s a literary blog. I am a literary person. I love literature, books, reading, writing, and everything to do with the art of the written word. I am an English B.A., after all.

(Further clarification: in using the term “literature,” I don’t mean hoity-toity articles on literary theory, or exclusively “literary fiction.” I mean, loosely, anything to do with written texts, and more specifically, anything to do with written fiction.)

The three main “features” of this blog:

On Writing: (Monday) Where I will attempt to offer personal insights into the act of writing fiction, and help other newbie writers avoid making common mistakes. We’ll be dealing with things like “grammar,” “editing,” “finishing your shit,” “style,” “plotting and narrative,” and anything else useful.

Reviews: (Wednesday) Where I will take a look at (relatively) newly released books, and review them. Duh! I hope I can offer valuable insights, as well as direct potential readers towards fiction that they will engage with and enjoy. I’ll mostly be dealing with independent authors, and anything in e-form.

Articles: (Friday) Where I will write informative articles about whatever the hell I want. Potential topics include: explanation of ideas in literary theory, analysis of mechanics used in certain pieces of fiction, looking at the way literature/fiction has evolved, thoughts on the state and future of contemporary fiction, and other miscellaneous things.

Goals and Intentions: threefold, because all good things come in threes

To be Useful: I want to help people; specifically, writers and readers. I want aspiring writers to come here and find useful advice that will help them in their fiction-writing endeavors. I want people with an interest in literature and fiction to come here and read articles that will stimulate their neural pathways.

To Promote Good Art: I want to find great fiction and share it with people. I want to give recognition to authors who deserve it, and help them find an audience for their art. I want to help readers find great books that they will read and love, and hopefully share with others.

Establish Myself: This is where I admit that I am not entirely selfless (gasp!). I plan to use this blog as a platform for myself in a few ways. I am a writer, and I want to share my own work with people. Failing becoming the next Amanda Hocking, I want to use this blog to further my backup plan, which is to establish a career in editing and publishing. At some future time I will be offering my services as a freelance editor. I hope there’s a market for that…

So I guess that’s it, in a nutshell. Hopefully that clues my legions of readers in to what I am all about, and what they can expect from this blog in the future.

(Oh, I forgot to mention that two sub-features of the site will be: posts of my own fiction, for your perusal and enjoyment, as well as posts detailing my personal journey of writing and becoming published.)


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