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50 Shades of Terrible

50 Shades of Grey Review

Maybe I’m behind the times on this, but whatever. I recently started reading 50 Shades of Grey, and these are my thoughts on the novel.

Full disclosure: I haven’t finished the novel yet. In fact, I am only about a third of the way through it. Perhaps by the time I reach the end my thoughts will have changed, and if that turns out to be the case I will amend this post. I don’t think that’s likely.

This novel is terrible.

Not to be all OMG THIS NOVEL IS TEH SUX! or, to quote Chuck Wendig from Terribleminds, “THIS WAS THE WORST THING I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED IT MADE ME STAB MY OWN MOTHER IN THE NECK WITH A BROKEN COKE BOTTLE,” but it really isn’t very good.

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Let’s Talk About Crutches


I’m going to put this at the top because, in the off chance that someone does actually attempt to read this, you will probably not make it all the way through, and I don’t blame you for that.

Some people tend to dismiss the notion of treating mental disorders with medications as merely relying on a crutch. These people imply that the use of crutches is a bad thing, and ought to be avoided. These people are wrong. There is no logical reason to believe that crutches are necessarily bad. In fact, there is evidence that crutches are useful and good.

Let’s Talk About Crutches

Here’s a sentiment I hear tossed around every now and then; it usually goes something like, “You know, X is just a crutch.”

I was thinking about crutches a few days ago, about this statement in particular, and wondering just what the fuck it actually means. I want to spend some time examining the statement and the attitude behind it. When people say this, or something like it, what are they actually saying, why are they saying it, and is it a valid thing to say?

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