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On Art, and Why Writing?

Writing is an art. Fiction is art. Here are a few thoughts (hopefully intelligible) on art.

First of all, what is art? 

There’s a lot of controversy over the question of what constitutes art, especially in the world of video gaming. Many gamers and developers of games want to see their hobby/product compared favorably to paintings, music, written fiction, or poetry, but certain critics deny the comparison. This is also something I’ve come into contact with in the literary world. I’ve heard it said that genre fiction isn’t art, or that it’s some kind of “low” art. But what does that mean, and why would it be the case?

There is no authoritative definition of the term art. British romantics thought that art was inspired by a divine spark, something sublime that was meant to elevate the viewer beyond the realm of the ordinary, and enhance their perception of God’s creation.

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The Goal

So here’s an interesting little news article: Independent Writer Sells Millions

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Submitted My First Query

I just finished submitting my first query for writing a magazine article. I would be writing for escapistmagazine.com, and the article would be about digital piracy. If accepted, it would be my first piece of professional writing, also the first piece of writing I would actually get paid for. I have no idea how likely it is that I will be accepted, but I think my idea was good. I should hear back soon, and I will update with the news. I would really like this to work out. I write academic papers all of the time, so I have plenty of experience, and it would be nice to get paid for one.

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