The Goal

So here’s an interesting little news article: Independent Writer Sells Millions

I guess that’s actually old news by now. I heard about it a year or so ago, and I’ve heard about others who have managed the same feat, like John Locke and Joe Konrath. They write loads of novels, put them up on Amazon, and become millionaires. These are people who have never had a piece professionally published. It makes one think.

Now, I don’t expect this to happen to me. There are too many people out there who all want to be the next Amanda Hocking, and they are all working their little asses off to emulate the steps she took. But it’s just interesting to know that it’s possible.

I downloaded one of her books, which was free on Amazon, and it was O.K. It was an interesting read, but not the best piece of fiction I’ve read recently. Not even the best independently published fiction. I think I could write at least as well as she does. With some practice, probably better.

Will I be as successful? The odds are against me. I don’t think it was the quality of her writing that turned the trick so much as luck, random chance, divine influence, or some combination of targeting the right audience, writing in the right genre (Twilight Fan-Fic), and being around just as the eBook phenomenon was taking off.

But, as I said, it’s just nice to know that it’s a possibility. My basic plan is to just carry on with life, dedicating as much time as I can spare to writing. I hope to knock off several pieces of short fiction over the next year, and then move on to bigger and better things. Hopefully I will become more skilled over time. I am going to continue blogging, both on Wattpad and WordPress, and maybe I will develop some kind of an audience. Then, when I someday attempt to publish an actual novel, I can use that preexisting audience for initial sales and reviews. Those reviews, if favorable, will allow me to approach writing and book blogs, seeking advertisement, reviews, interviews, whatever. Then we’ll see what happens.

Maybe I sell a few dozen copies, all to friends and relatives. Maybe I sell millions and get to retire. Who knows.

Haven’t heard back from the Escapist yet. I hope they like my idea. Whether or not they do, I’ve got at least a few more, so I’ll be sending more queries out as soon as I hear something.


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